Capital Program Management

Is it difficult for you to see an overall picture of your capital works program, what works are behind schedule, which projects are over budget, and when budgets need to be spent?

Manual and decentralised systems make it difficult to present an up to date and real time picture of your project or program position. Compiling consolidated information becomes a daunting and complex task.

Open Windows provides a complete capital program management solution to facilitate easy monitoring of each project’s expenditure and progress, while providing senior management with clear visibility into the program’s overall status.

Increased Project Visibility

The ability to easily access information at a program, sub-program or individual project and sub-project level ensures that management has a clear understanding of the progress and status of all projects

Identification of Project Exceptions

Project delays and/or expenditure overruns can be quickly and easily identified to enable appropriate action to be taken.

Streamline Project & Budget Planning

Automating the assessment of proposed funding requests simplifies the process and saves times during budget cycles.

Contractor Payment Management

An Open Windows solution streamlines the Contractor Payment Management process, automating variations, adjustments, works orders & requests, and the payment certification process in large scale capital contracting projects. Open Windows systems manage hundreds of millions of dollars worth of contractor payments evey month for single customers.

Functionality includes

  • Central repository for project data & associated documentation
  • Proposal / funding prioritisation incorporating online evaluation via user definable questionnaires containing weighted criteria, sub-criteria and pre-scored questions
  • Cashflow management, project budgeting & forecasting, tracking of project income & expenditure across financial years & periods
  • Project LTD & YTD cost reporting
  • Integration with external Financial Systems for capture of financial data
  • Timeline & task management with email alerts for all time based activities
  • Project Variations / Change Requests can be recorded and associated with user defined approval process flows (WORKFLOW Module)
  • Monitoring of project risks & issues - record identified risks & issues associated with projects to enable visibility, facilitate ongoing monitoring, management and resolution
  • Free format notes & project checklists
  • Standard & ad hoc reporting capabilities


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