Open Windows eLearning

On-demand access to video tutorials

Open Windows eLearning portal is an on-demand library of video tutorials demonstrating functionality within Open Windows software applications.

eLearning ensures users always have access educational resources, allowing them to source answers quickly and develop a greater understanding of product features and processes, ultimately increasing satisfaction and user adoption.

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How can Open Windows eLearning benefit you?

Increasing Productivity & Staff Satisfaction

Easy and quick access to information with supporting visual and audio learning material helps users overcome knowledge gaps faster to get on with the task at hand.

Best Practice and Compliance

Video tutorials deliver a consistent message and demonstrate best practice, ensuring all employees follow the same processes and provide a ready-made program for on-boarding training.

Support Knowledge Retention

Knowledge retention and understanding is greatly improved when training is delivered across a variety of platforms. Combine formal face to face training with informal online resources, video tutorials and training modules for an effective approach.

Save Money & Time

Onsite training can be expensive with such costs as travel, hiring a trainer, facilities and resources, and often run as whole day sessions requiring extended time. Online training eliminates the cost and enables users to learn when the time is right for them.

Flexible Access to Resources

Self-service portal allows users to access learning resources at any time, from any device. Users are able to get on with their work rather than waiting for answers from support and can facilitate learning at their own pace.

Maximise Investment

The portal will provide users with a greater understanding of product functionality, where they can identify opportunities to improve processes, adopt efficiency, reduce errors, and drive user acceptance.