Upcoming events featuring Open Windows

Open Windows will be showcasing our Modular Procurement Software suite and eTenderBoxTM solution at the following upcoming conferences. Follow the links to learn more about the event and register your attendance, we would love to see you there!

CIPS Australasian Conference 2017

18-19 Jul, Park Hyatt, Melbourne

Procurement and Supply: Unlocking Competitive Advantage

As the procurement and supply profession is ever evolving, it is critical for procurement leaders and their teams to stay up to speed with the latest strategies and techniques. The Australasia region offers many opportunities for procurement professionals to demonstrate leadership and re-invent themselves through driving better value, collaboration and innovation.

Market disruptors, ever-advancing technology, economic and geopolitical fluctuations – these factors are all having a huge impact on the world around us and the future of work. They bring threats as well as opportunities – but are you ready for them?

If you can’t predict what’s coming, you at least need the capability to react quickly and the resilience to stay in the game.

The CIPS Australasia Conference 2017 will explore these issues and more and will provide practical help, together with the motivation and inspiration to help you play your part.

IACCM Australasia Conference 2017

31 Jul – 1 Aug, Crown Conference Centre, Melbourne

Becoming a ‘Commercial Powerhouse’: Outsight, Innovation & Smart Contracting

In today’s highly competitive, value-conscious world, commercial differentiation is essential. Creative approaches to contract and relationship management are enabling more and more organisations to develop a ‘commercial powerhouse’ – adaptive, agile, collaborative and cost-effective.

Complex supply ecosystems demand new forms of contracting and the development of integrated business skills and functions. The future looks very different from the past, especially in the field of contracting and commercial management. Big data, analytics, cognitive software, portfolio management, behavioural economics, virtual negotiation … The opportunities for transformation abound.

At this conference, you will discover:

– the performance characteristics of a ‘commercial powerhouse’

– the tools and systems transforming your competition

– the improvements that commercial innovation will bring to your financial performance

– the skill requirements for commercial staff of today – and where to get them

Whether you want to test your progress or get started on the journey, this IACCM conference is an event you must not miss. It combines the why, the what and the how of contract and commercial management. Hear from leaders, speak with experts, see the exciting potential …. And be inspired!

Finance and Procurement Conference 2017

8-9 Aug, Bond University, Gold Coast

Staying Ahead of the Game

Finance and procurement professionals in higher education continue to confront new challenges as they adapt to funding pressures, adopt sometimes ‘game changing’ new technologies and business models, and strive for best practice to deliver best outcomes for their institutions and the communities they serve.

‘Staying ahead of the game’ means that universities and higher education providers are able to respond appropriately while anticipating what the future might hold.  With an underlying theme of Future Proofing Finance and Procurement in Higher Education the conference will provide a forum to explore shared challenges, discover new technologies, learn from each other’s successes and failures and gain practical experience and insights into what it will take to transform work practices ready for the future.