Open Windows PROJECTS

Open Windows PROJECTS unlocks the capital forecasting missing link. Tightly integrated within Open Windows CONTRACTS, Open Windows PROJECTS gives you pro-active accountability at every project stage, including down to the contract level. The key power of Open Windows PROJECTS is the monthly financial re-forecasting at a project level, rolling up into real-time program cashflow status. Open Windows PROJECTS had its origins in commercial construction management and is utilised by many state and local government, and commercial organisations to manage their capital programming and cash flows.

Get ahead of the pack

Most organisations are still using spreadsheets to forecast capital expenditure.

There is also typically a disconnect between the information they can get from their financial systems, and the information they really need.

Core Functionality

  • A powerful tool for capital forecasting
  • Real time status of forward cashflow and program
  • Linkage of projects to work breakdown structure and contracts
  • Approval workflow at each project stage (WORKFLOW Module)
  • Email notifications for project trigger points
  • Increased value in retained corporate intellectual property
  • A central repository of project data and documents



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