The 7th Right

Procurement 101 starts with the basic 5 rights of purchasing. Nowadays, with the growing public pressure for organisations to not only deliver optimal outcomes, but be transparent about the way the have achieved their outcomes, requires procurement teams to ensure they are purchasing in THE RIGHT WAY.  

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The new urgency for buying in the RIGHT WAY

In this new whitepaper, you'll learn WHY buying in the right way is critical to procurement  with examples from key drivers;

  • Pressure from stakeholders to be not only be doing the right thing, but be seen doing the right thing
  • Demand for higher standards - do the ends justify the means?
  • Enforcing a balance between administrative rules versus professional judgement
  • Avoiding fraud, corruption and bad publicity
  • Technology enabling organisations to better define their ideal procurement process
  • Balancing process rigour with optimal outcomes

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