The Benefits of Open Windows

Open Windows Software is Australia’s leading provider of source-to-contract software, and is used by over 150 of the country’s largest organisations and government departments both in the cloud and on-premise.

Established in 1994, Open Windows is a Microsoft GOLD partner and Microsoft Australia ‘Innovation Partner of the Year’ award winner, and has been building quality software for 24 years.

Today, our leading edge integrated software solutions are helping our clients develop and manage critical supply lines, complex tenders, large scale contracts and major projects worth billions of dollars.

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Driving benefit realisation

Open Windows software can help you realise the business benefits of automated, pro-active management of the supply side of your organisation  – leaving you more time to work strategically rather than administratively.

Our solution also helps busy buyers and contract managers meet a wide range of timely challenges, to ensure efficient delivery against a growing list of corporate demands from their external resource base, while realising numerous business benefits including:

  • never missing a contract deadline or decision point with eAlerts technology –avoiding delays and saving cost.
  • single data entry technology across all phases of the contract life cycle – saving time for busy procurement teams so they can work more strategically, with even more simplified systems available to less frequent users within your organisation.
  • unique configuration of process automation to match your exact business needs, to make your system as business-relevant and productive as possible.
  • managing multi-party contracts and multiple TIERS down your supply chain, not just a single prime contractor – bringing greater visibility and lower risk profiles to your supply lines.
  • direct supplier input to the system, designed to build process integrity, compliance, probity and streamline risk management, with real-time audit trails which re-verify your suppliers for you, on a nightly basis.
  • building an SRM database, capable of capturing supply market intelligence, similar to sales teams’ CRM technologies – to build enhanced market awareness and make strategic sourcing easier & faster.
  • full integration with existing legacy systems. We have hands-on experience integrating with most major ERP and P2P system offerings, ensuring a better service for you, enterprise-wide.

Our “modular” system design enables businesses of all sizes to benefit more directly from the 12 best practices of modern contract management [download white-paper here] and avoid the ten most common pitfalls of contract management.

AND maintaining the 7 rights..

Traditionally, procurement fulfilled the upstream strategic sourcing of supply lines, and then the business managed contracts implementation; not so well as it turned out. Delivering the SIX RIGHTS has never been more critical for most organisations – ensuring that the right things are at the right place, to the right spec, at the right time, for the right cost and from the right source. However, Open Windows increasingly see the rise of a 7th RIGHT … contracting and managing suppliers in the RIGHT WAY. Not just in terms of compliance, but also in terms of provenance, social responsibility and in a way consistent with both organisational values and achieving the best outcomes.

Already today, a raft of new compliance requirements are adding to the ongoing burden of ensuring supplier performance. Moreover, benefits-realisation is attained NOT JUST from proactive category management work …. specialised CONTRACT MANAGEMENT is increasingly essential to capture meaningful business benefits: Moreover, even to ensure delivery in a complex and volatile world, we must manage important supply contracts proactively …. and the Open Windows modular procurement system helps buyers do that quickly and easily:

The answer.. modular procurement.

The Open Windows modular procurement software suite is divided into NINE key modules. Each modules represents a key step in the procurement LIFE CYCLE – with the TENDERS and CONTRACTS modules at the heart of the system. Each module in the suite can operate individually on a stand alone basis, or can fully integrate with any combination of  the other modules. They are all specifically designed to help you manage the supply process better, faster and cheaper.

The NINE different modules are ….


Two powerful additional modules are also included with system implementations as part of the delivery – REPORTING and DOCUMENTS. Learn More.

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