Simplifying the Contract Management Puzzle

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For any organisation juggling multiple supplier contracts, the need to take an agile, collaborative approach to contract management is crucial. Adopting software that suits a variety of purposes for a multitude of users, both within and beyond procurement and contract management teams, streamlines the contract life-cycle and allows even the most infrequent of users to fit smoothly and successfully into the contract management puzzle.

With this agile approach in mind, Open Windows has added a brand-new enhancement to our existing CONTRACTS module.

Simple Contracts is designed for users who don’t manage contracts as their primary role – they simply need to log on, capture important information and associated documents, and move onto their next task.

By clicking the ‘Add Simple Contract’ custom form button, end users can essentially enter multiple elements cohesively on a single data entry screen, or ‘custom form’.

In a similar way to a variation or payment transaction, records entered via Simple Contracts can remain at an ‘Awaiting Approval’ status until they are reviewed for completeness or accuracy.

Approval requests are auto-triggered from these Simple Contract custom forms, and once the approval process is underway, the status of the record is automatically updated – so everyone involved knows where the contract is at, minus the back-and-forth. Depending on specific contract requirements, each form can be easily customised so certain fields appear as mandatory and others as default, pre-filled values – saving plenty of time for users.

On this one screen, users can also manage key metadata fields that capture information on areas such as key dates or financials, they can upload multiple documents with minimal keystrokes, and even specify exactly who receives approval request notifications.

Simple Contracts is designed to streamline the user experience for officers on the other end of the process – those reviewing and approving records. They simply receive a notification email which provides a URL link to the same Simple Contracts screen created by the original user. They then check whether everything is in order or not and perform a standard approval action like ‘query’, ‘approve’ or ‘deny’, which allows the contract record to either show up as ‘Approved’ or ‘Active’ on the record screen, or informs the end user that it was denied, so they can amend or re-submit as required.

If a record has been denied and is yet to be re-submitted, users can choose to make it visible on the records screen so it shows up as ‘Awaiting Approval’, ensuring transparency and accountability for everyone involved in the process.

Simple Contracts comes at no extra cost for customers who already use the Open Windows CONTRACTS module in open windows 8. It simply enhances this existing module, while providing the in-depth functionality required to help multiple users in one organisation function smoothly and successfully within the contract management puzzle.

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