Strategic Sourcing, the Simple Way

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With procurement processes becoming increasingly decentralised, taking a carefully defined, strategic approach to sourcing is more pertinent than ever.

This approach certainly demands the development of carefully standardised sourcing procedures. Yet to fully reap the benefits of a productive sourcing and tendering process, procurement teams must simultaneously consider the often-diverse needs of everyone involved.

How can organisations achieve this seemingly intangible balance between procedural regularity and flexibility, while facilitating an equally user-friendly submissions process for contractors? To start with, transitioning to a comprehensive strategic sourcing solution can shift you step closer in the right direction.

But to truly facilitate a mutually beneficial sourcing process for your team, your colleagues down the hall and the various potential and existing contractors seeking business from you, adopting a solution that is as simple as its archetype is the answer – and yes, these solutions do exist.

Take the Open Windows SOURCING module. Its original iteration has been designed comprehensively for central procurement teams, allowing them to fulfil a multitude of sourcing activities within one central location.

But what about the users located outside of an organisation’s central procurement team, who have numerous other duties to attend to in between fulfilling their sourcing and pre-contracting tasks, who need less steps and more simplicity?

Open Windows has recently designed the Simple QUOTES enhancement with these users in mind.

Embedded withing the existing SOURCING module, Simple QUOTES enables users to enter lower value, lower risk information into the SOURCING platform on one single custom screen.

Rather than engaging in a lengthy process between creating a pre-contract, waiting for approval, and finally publishing a request for quotation on Open Windows’ eTenderBox® portal, Simple QUOTES reduces this multi-step process dramatically.

Users can now enter their requirement pre-contract information into any ‘Create Pre-contract’ custom form and use this information to pre-populate their eTenderBox® record prior to publishing.

All they need to do is check the eTenderBox® checkbox on their screen and select ‘Request for Quotation’ as their Sourcing Stage.

Simple QUOTES also provides a streamlined user experience for officers situated at the other end of the process – those reviewing and approving records.

Approving Officers receive an email notification containing a URL link to the same Simple QUOTE screen created by the original user, allowing them to easily review, amend, approve or deny the request. The original officer also receives an email notification once the record is actioned, so they can continue with their process or amend and re-submit the request as required.

Simple QUOTES comes at no extra cost for customers who already use the Open Windows SOURCING module in open windows 8. It simply enhances this existing module, without impacting the more in-depth functionality required by central procurement teams – allowing everyone involved in the sourcing process to contribute strategically, no matter what kind of role they play.

Featured image via Pixabay.

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