Iluka Resources enjoys greater supplier transparency with Open Windows

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The Challenge

Previously utilising a manual paper based contract management process, Iluka Resources recognised the need to implement a solution that would enable more ‘front end’ management and reporting functionality. Iluka had restricted visibility into overall contract information, ‘no reporting was specifically targeted at contract spend, contract type, activity or performance’, they required a tool that would measure these activities.

The Solution

With the key criteria to implement a contract management solution that would standardise processes, enable reporting and provide simple and easy functionality Iluka settled on Open Windows contract management solution.

To facilitate whole of organisation single entry contract management Iluka implemented SAP Integration for financial information and TRIM for document storage.

The design of the process templates used by Iluka include very detailed step-by-step tasks to allow for minimal training of new staff, and to also enforce the expected outcomes of procurement and contract management business processes across regions and personnel.

To further facilitate a user friendly system, Iluka use Open Windows TENDERS Portal to advertise or invite suppliers to submit tender responses online. The integration between Open Windows TENDERS and CONTRACTS modules means supplier responses submitted during the open tender period can then be evaluated and processed through to award without the manual transfer of information.

Once a contract has been awarded and is being managed in Open Windows CONTRACTS, integration to Iluka’s finance system gives contract managers a view of related financial transactions directly within their contract management system. Supplier information is also kept in sync using the integration to ensure accurate data is always available and maintained.

The Results

As a key client of Open Windows for 6 years, Iluka understands the value CONTRACTS has added to their business through the centralisation of data and use of embedded workflows to standardise processes. With improved controls and vital integrations into company systems Iluka experiences “much better ‘on-time’ management of contracts“, Open Windows “provided a platform for data integration with our existing company reporting system for more comprehensive and granular reporting of contract activity” which enabled greater visibility for more informed business decisions.



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