Open Windows Client Base

See how Open Windows Software is used across a wide range of industries..

Open Windows software is currently used by over 80 organisations throughout Australia and New Zealand across a wide range of industries including;

State & Federal Government

Open Windows software has a strong presence in Government Procurement, particularly State Government with whole-of-government arrangements currently in five out of seven State/Territory Governments in Australia, including QLD, SA, WA, ACT and NT, plus various departments in VIC State Government. Under this arrangement organisations may be exempt from a tender process, please check your regulatory body for your eligibility.

Local Government

Over 50 local councils have purchased Open Windows software. The “LG Bundle” is an exclusive package for Australian Local Government procurement teams with a fixed price, pre-configured environment built to Local Government standards and specific requirements which has proved very popular. In particular, the system’s easy relevance to managing large scale ongoing SERVICE contracts & minor capital works is especially relevant for local councils as well as major cities.

Public Sector

Open Windows software was one of the first contract management solutions to meet specific government requirements, initially during the Victorian Competitive Tendering era, and has since retained a strong following in many public sector organisations and agencies attracted by practical solutions for procurement & contract management and ingrained functionality for strong compliance and probity. These include utilities and power providers, transport providers and ports


Open Windows software is making a difference in a range of educational organisations by helping centralize the many and varied contractual agreements across different departments, reducing delays and controlling spend with electronic approval processes and enabling a uniform approach to contract management reducing the risk of non-compliance and maverick expenditure.


Similarly, Open Windows has been adopted by many health providers as their contract management system of choice. It’s core functionality lends itself to security of supply for vital DIRECT supply lines and integrates easily to ERP and P2P systems to help manage crucial supply proactively.

Construction, Mining & Resources

Open Windows software is used by some of the largest mining company’s in the world, helping to manage the complexities of managing large scale projects. Our Capital Works Management functionality streamlines information from onsite to office providing a single source of information for all contracts in a project, electronic approval processes, and direct supplier input via the SRM portal for payment claims, variations, site instructions and communications.

Smaller organisations

Many smaller organisations utilize Open Windows software well due to its modular nature, flexibility and genuine affordability. These include Sporting organisations & clubs, SME’s, not-for-profits, Financial Services providers, Manufacturing and Retail operators who all have a need to centralize their contracts for greater control, visibility and real-time audit checks.

Whatever your organisation does and whatever its size, Open Windows Software can offer a competitive and affordable solution to help better manage your contracts with your external resources.

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