Founded in 1994, Open Windows was one of the first software vendors in the world to bring a Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) software to market. The original system was built by founding Director Shane McInnes, to automate contractor payments in commercial construction management.

Shane and Adam McInnes further developed the product to address a need for a contract and tender reporting system during the Victorian Government Compulsory Competitive Tendering Kennett era. The brothers sold this system to 70% of Victorian Local Government and went on to be recognised by Microsoft as Innovation Partner of the Year in 2010 for their innovation in Azure.

In 2013 Open Windows extended their service offering to include Identity and Access Management (IAM) which quickly grew to become the leading IAM implementation partner with Australia’s largest pool of Identity consultants. The Open Windows Identity business achieved rapid growth and operated on some of the largest and most complex IAM projects in Australia across all sectors including Finance, Insurance, Federal Government, State Government, Education and more. This great success led to the sale of the Open Windows Identity business to global consulting firm EY in 2017.

Open Windows software today helps organisations manage much more than just contract management. Open Windows ‘Modular Procurement’ suite offers Procurement Managers nine functional modules to manage every stage of the contract lifecycle from tenders and sourcing to contract management and supplier performance to workflow automation and project management. Contact Us for a complete overview of the solution.

In 2021, Open Windows received ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 Certification. These certifications reflect Open Windows’ ability to effectively manage and protect information and data, and their commitment to understanding clients’ needs and delivering on these needs continually.

Open Windows is proud to be part of ReadyTech, a leading provider of mission-critical SaaS for the education, workflow management, government and justice sectors. To learn more about ReadyTech’s Government segment, visit