Questions about the eTENDER Portal? We have tried to answer as many as possible below.

I could not login, getting ‘error username’ or ‘password incorrect’

You can reset your password using the link “If you have forgotten your password click here” on the Login page.

I can’t reset my password using forgotten password link, getting message ‘Could not match details’

Please search for your initial registration email and confirm first name and last name from it. If you can’t find it, contact the tendering organisation to send it to you again.

I registered with eTENDER Portal but still could not login

Make sure to click the registration link in the registration email to confirm your email address.

I registered with eTENDER Portal but did not receive a registration confirmation email

Check your junk mail for the registration email. If you cannot find the registration confirmation email in junk mail check with your email service provider to confirm if it has been stopped due to their spam policy. When confirmed that it has not reached your email service provider, contact Technical support.

I could not open the link in the email from eTENDER Portal

Your email service provider or application (e.g. Yahoo, Gmail) may have disabled the hyperlink. Copy and paste the link into your web browser and then press enter/return.

I can’t open a tender or view the details even when it is available on the eTENDER Portal

If the open date and time of the tender has not yet been reached, eTENDER Portal will not allow you to view the tender details.

Do I need a login to download tender documents?

Yes, you must first register with eTENDER Portal, navigate to Current section for open tenders and click to select a tender. Click on ‘register as respondent’ to be able to download tender documents.

Do I need to login to submit a tender response?

Yes, you must login, click ‘update’ or ‘lodge submission’ and follow the prompts to upload your submission.

I can only upload 5 documents for a submission, is there a way to upload more?

Yes, you can make more than one submission for the same tender and it will go through as a single submission OR you can use compressed files (or Zip files) to compress all the files into one file and upload.

I am getting an ‘unrecognized file’ message, causing failure to upload a file. What should I do?

Compress or ‘zip’ the file to make it smaller and a recognised format, then upload.

I did not receive a submission receipt

If your submission is successful you should be able to confirm it in the ‘My Submissions’ section on your eTENDER Portal home page. It should display a list of submissions, and when clicked will further display a list of files submitted and their size.

I could not find an invited tender

Invited tenders are only accessible to email addresses to which the invitation was sent.

The access code is not working

The access code is required to be used in the ‘Invited’ section. Enter access code and click ‘Get RFX’. The access code is assigned to the invited email. You are required to log in with the invited email account. The code will not work for other accounts.

I would like to change the invitation email address

Please contact the tendering organisation to update and send another invitation email to an email address of your choice.

How long should it take to upload my tender submission?

This will depend on your internet speed and IT environment. Whilst most uploads are very quick, you should always allow sufficient time to upload a large tender submission (several hours to be safe), and not leave it until the last minute.

If above FAQ’s failed to resolve your issue please contact Open Windows eTENDERING support team at [email protected] or phone 1300 73 90 73 between 8.00am and 5.00pm (AEST) – Monday to Friday.