Open Windows Software releases open windows 8 for source to contract

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Melbourne, Open Windows Software releases version 8.

Open Windows Software is pleased to announce the release of open windows 8, the most comprehensive Enterprise Software as a Service Contract Management and Sourcing solution in the market.

Specialising in enterprise Source-to-Contract applications for 25 years, Open Windows Software continues to lead the Australian market with its game changing release this year.

open windows 8 is a 100% cloud application with an easy upgrade path from version 7.

Open Windows CEO Adam McInnes said, “We have a strong focus on customer service and support, and the open windows 8 platform lets us support our customers in a whole new way. We are managing all the infrastructure and providing all the enterprise benefits, including out-of-the-box connectors and integrations, SRM and eTENDER portals, as a service. It’s where all B2B software should be. We are now taking all the hard work away from our customers by facilitating everything. They just have to log in.

Our mission at Open Windows Software is to make great software for contract management. Now open windows 8 adds some game changing services that are going to help our customers manage contracts in ways that have not been seen before. We are looking forward to talking about the great ways we will be enabling buyer and supplier relationships in open windows 8, as they come on line. It’s really very exciting.”

As well as this, Open Windows Software has announced great new functionality in the new release, including electronic signatures, and a mobile approvals app, allowing users to action workflow tasks and financial approvals on the run. “Our users spend hours out of the office and can’t be logged into the system all the time. And so we are helping them be more productive in a changing work environment,” McInnes said, “There are contract registers, and then there are systems, such as open windows 8, that pro-actively help you manage contracts, and really add value.”

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