Integrate upstream Category Management with downstream Contract Management

  • Capture and use market intelligence through pre-qualification, SMI capture, ECI records
  • Simplify data entry, filter UNSPSC by Category
  • Define business planning and strategy by Category
  • Better visibility & spend analysis, reports by Category

Enhance visibility of supplier, contract and tender information through the flexibility to sort data into categories and use this information for better strategic decisions

Supply Market Intelligence

Once defined, all records within the system can be associated to the category structure – including Sourcing, Contracts and Supplier records. This integrated mechanism of classifying information throughout the various modules of the solutions provides a single view for the Category Manager of the business being undertaken within their category.

Category Management Plan

Category Management Plans detailing information such as Category Descriptions, Procurement Strategies, Business Stakeholders can be developed and stored within the solution. Updates can be recorded to provide a complete historic view of how the category is managed over time.

Category Structure

User defined Categories can be broken into associated sub-categories and mapped to relevant sections of the UNSPSC coding structure – which simplifies data entry and analytics when associating sourcing and contract records to a category.

Try integrating with..


Integrate the use of CATEGORIES module with SOURCING to quickly source pre-qualified suppliers in the exact category you require.


SRM Module

Quickly and easily search and manage all supplier details in the SRM module. Integrate with CATEGORIES for category management functionality.

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