A comprehensive multi-tiered contract management system. Start with the CONTRACTS Module and grow from there.

  • Greater visibility of contractual commitments & documentation
  • Never miss a deadline with eAlerts – avoid automatic renewal
  • Quick & easy reporting on key contract activities
  • Save time and build consistency with single data entry and integration to other modules

The CONTRACTS Module is the heart of the Open Windows Modular Procurement software suite, forming the basis of our customers’ contract management systems.

Centralised Contracts Register

Store and manage all your current and past contracts in a secure, centralised location. Capturing contract meta data enables you to quickly and easily search, identify, manage and report on individual or groups of contracts. i.e contract number, description, type, category, stakeholders etc.

Document storage and versioning enables any and all contract documents to be stored and managed within the system.

Proactively Manage Key Dates

eAlerts help you proactively manage all key events over the contract lifecycle, with email notifications informing you of impending deadlines, decision points and tasks as they become due.

Report on Contract Activities

Balanced scorecard reporting gives you quick and easy access to high-level and granular contract data. You can gain insight into overall contract spend against invoiced/committed spend, incoming payments, milestones and deliverables, and much more.

Contract Details Management

Centralised stakeholder databases empower you to effectively manage all types of contracts – from master contracts and panel arrangements, to separable portions. You can even manage your supply-chain tiers and sub-contractors via easy-to-create parent-child concepts.

Try integrating with..


Manage all your pre contract activities within the SOURCING module including pre-qualification, evaluation, contract negotiations and business case planning.



Manage all your contract financial data within BUDGETS, including cost variations and adjustments, with data automatically updated in CONTRACTS.

Ready to take control of your contracts?