SRM Module

Build strong working relationships with key suppliers using direct data entry by contractors

  • Centrally manage all your supplier contact details
  • Track and analyse supplier performance
  • Direct collaboration with suppliers through web based portal to manage contractual documentation eg. insurances, payment claims, variations, to reduce internal contract administration tasks
  • Supplier pre-qualification and online questionnaires

An essential platform for managing supplier information plus the unique ability to enable suppliers to manage their own contractual documents reducing administration stress from your team

Supplier Information Database

Centrally manage all supplier details including company, address and contact details right down the supplier tiers.


Keep track of supplier history with immediate details on all contracts the supplier has previously bid for.


Record supplier meetings, minutes and recent discussions/agreements made.


Manage all supplier documents centrally, including monitoring compliance to key contractual terms such as insurance policies.

SRM Portal

An easy to use web based portal that enables direct communication and collaboration with your suppliers through any browser. Free your resources from hours of administration work to spend time on more valuable tasks. Features include;


  • View contract information
  • View Schedule of Items/Rates
  • Submit variations, payment claims triggering online approvals
  • Update insurances
  • Communication tool
  • Send site instructions

Supplier Pre-Qualification

Use pre-qualification forms to assign suppliers to skills and skill categories for quick search capabilities.

Track Supplier Performance

Track supplier performance within the SRM module to use in strategic negotiations. Evaluate suppliers with an online evaluation form based on user defined criteria.

Try integrating with..


Expand your supply market intelligence with the CATEGORIES module to enable collation and future application of your supplier database records.



Project contract financial data can be managed in the BUDGETS module. Manage contractor payments, schedule of rates, payment scheduling, extra quotations & variations.

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