The 8th RIGHT – The imperative of the RIGHT CONTRACT MANAGEMENT

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By Dr Sara Cullen, University of Melbourne

As the industry continues to rapidly change, the traditional 5 Rights of Procurement must also evolve to encompass our new responsibilities. Procurement success is historically measured by goods and services of the right quality, in the right quantity, turning up in the right place, at the right time, and more recently from the right source, and purchased in the right way. These first seven rights set in place what is needed for procurement success. Actually delivering that success is what the 8th RIGHT is all about.

But what is the right contract management? Open Windows new white paper, The 8th Right, written by Sara Cullen, explains exactly how to deliver the right contract management strategy, investment and people.

In this white paper you will learn:

  • Why contract management is an imperative of the procurement ‘Rights’
  • What is the right contract management strategy for your business?
  • The key criteria to consider when determining your level of investment in CM.
  • Who are the right people to involve in your CM network and how to manage the relationship and responsibilities.

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Whitepaper - 8th Right

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About the Author

Dr Sara Cullen is the managing director of The Cullen Group. She is a fellow at the University of Melbourne, an associate at the London School of Economics and on the ANZ Board of the IACCM. This is the second white paper Sara has produced for Open Windows Software; a leading provider of modular procurement and contract management systems in Australia.    


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