WEBINAR RECORDING – The 10 Critical Pitfalls in Modern Contract Management

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About the Webinar

Webinar Aired: Tuesday 61st March 2016

Duration: 60 mins

A recent survey by IACCM indicated that the average cost of poor contracting is 9.2% of an organisation’s annual income – and even higher for large capital projects, up to 15% of the contract value. And a 2013 study by the European Commission discovered that 65% of major projects ‘fail’ or severely under-perform, with average cost overrun of 80%.

Yet much of this failure can be eradicated through improved Contract Management and better commercial process and practices.

Through a series of workshops to augment their survey, desk research and own experiences, IACCM have identified TEN issues, or critical ‘pitfalls’ that most frequently lead to poor performance in service contracts.

In this webinar CEO of IACCM, Tim Cummins, and Jonathan Dutton broadcast live from the Connecticut in the US, as Tim explains the ten most common contract management pitfalls unearthed by the research, as well as the SIX ways we can proactively turn these ten pitfalls into ATTRIBUTES of a successful contract management strategy.



In his role as CEO of IACCM, Tim works with leading corporations, public and academic bodies, supporting executive awareness and understanding of the role that procurement, contracting and relationship management play in the 21st century business performance and public policy.

Prior to IACCM, Tim’s business career included executive roles at IBM and a period on the Chairman’s staff, leading studies on the impacts of globalisation and the re-engineering of IBM’s global contracting processes. His earlier career involved the banking automotive and aerospace industries, initially in Corporate Finance and later in commercial and business development. He led negotiations up to $1.5 billion in value and his work has taken him to over 40 countries.

Tim’s writing is extensively published and he acted in an advisory capacity to government bodies in countries that include the US, UK, Australia, Canada and Japan, as well as regular briefings to senior managers at many of the world’s largest companies.




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