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The Psychological Contract Webinar

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About the Webinar

Webinar Aired:  Tuesday 27th March, 2018

Duration: 60 mins

In this webinar, global thought leader Dr Sara Cullen explodes the myths of the written contract and the theory behind her latest whitepaper, The 6 Myths of the Written Contract – and how to achieve breakthroughs with the psychological contract.

Drafting and negotiating contracts usually comes with a hefty price tag for both parties.  This cost is seen as a necessary investment to protect the parties from one another and adverse events.  But is this truly a wise investment?

Even a well written contract will go in the proverbial drawer, no matter how much effort had gone into creating it.  While it is sitting there, another one of equal importance is actually being used every day by everyone – the psychological contract.

The psychological contract is the perception of the promises and obligations that a person holds in their mind.  It affects everything they do and how they do it.  To avoid failure, it must be understood and recognised.  But more importantly, the psychological contract offers something the written one cannot.  It can be harnessed to drive high performance.

Please Join Dr Sara Cullen as she shows you how to drive success with the psychological contract.

Guest Speaker: Dr Sara Cullen – Procurement and Probity Consultant

Dr Sara Cullen is a the managing director of The Cullen Group. She is also a fellow at Melbourne University, an asociate at the London School of Economics, on the ANZ board of the International Association for Commercial and Contract Management. Previously she was a national partner at Deloitte in and the global thought leader for the outsourcing practice. 

Sara has written over 150 publications to date. She has been featured in such publications as the Australian Financial Review, Directions in Government,The Financial Times,  Information Economics Journal and much more. Her expertise is globally recognised and she performs peer reviews for the Harvard Business Review, California Management Review, and IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management. 

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