The 6 Myths of the Written Contract

And how to achieve breakthroughs with the Psychological Contract. Organisations invest a significant amount of money in developing and negotiating written contracts and then put them in a drawer.  As a business investment decision, the return on that investment is dubious. Written by global thought leader Sara Cullen and associate Jay Jeong, the new Open […]

Procurement’s Role in Local Government

A case study examining local government procurement in Victoria. Written by local government procurement & probity consultant, and former local council Head of Procurement, Silke Therhaag, the new Open Windows Software white-paper isolates future key challenges facing local government procurement managers particularly. As ever more is demanded of resource pressed councils, outsourcing is increasingly a […]

The 8th RIGHT – The imperative of the RIGHT CONTRACT MANAGEMENT

By Dr Sara Cullen, University of Melbourne As the industry continues to rapidly change, the traditional 5 Rights of Procurement must also evolve to encompass our new responsibilities. Procurement success is historically measured by goods and services of the right quality, in the right quantity, turning up in the right place, at the right time, and more recently from the right source, and […]

The 12 Best Practices in Contract Management

The future of procurement – driving downstream benefit realisation By Dr Sara Cullen, University of Melbourne Today’s procurement organisation is under constant change, as organisations move from a traditional pyramid structure to a diamond-shaped one. Strategic sourcing, category management, and supplier management are all part of today’s procurement kit bag. Not only does procurement need […]