The Open Windows series of Whitepapers provide numerous in-depth perspectives on effective, sustainable procurement and contract management practices. Each Whitepaper has been carefully researched and cultivated by local and international thought leaders in the procurement, economics and IT fields.

In an age of swiftly changing business and regulatory climates, procurement teams must be more than just ‘across’ their contracts – they need to manage them smartly, in a manner that reduces business risk while cultivating more transparent and communicative relationships between client and contractor.

The 12 Best Practices in Contract Management whitepaper outlines how to best shift towards a smarter contract management approach, for today and the future.

With local governments now spending as much money as federal governments do at roughly $34 billion, procurement is an increasingly essential part of your standard local council.

Procurement’s Role in Local Government explores how local government procurement teams can tackle the growing obstacles and challenges facing them today, while harnessing procurement best practices to heighten probity, transparency and efficiency across all stakeholder relationships.

The more organisations view their written contracts less as an instrument of war and more as a business instrument that can guide, inform and support parties during the contract lifecycle, the better their return on investment.

The 6 Myths of the Written Contract outlines the common myths underpinning contract management today, drawing from the notion of the ‘Psychological Contract’ (PsyCon) to highlight how we can heighten our understanding of each party’s perception of the contract – their PsyCon – to allow for a more fruitful contractual relationship.

Procurement teams today must ensure that their practices combine equal doses of probity and commercial success.

This whitepaper explores what purchasing ‘the right way’ looks like today – from balancing administrative rules and professional judgement, to the role of technology in aiding better procurement processes across the board.

The first seven rights of purchasing (the right goods of the right quantity, at the right time, in the right place, for the right price, from the right source, in the right way) define what is required for procurement success. How do we actually put these elements into practice in order to deliver success?

The 8th right of purchasing, the imperative of the ‘right’ contract management, holds the key to successful procurement. This whitepaper explores cultivating the ‘right’ contract management strategy for your organisation and all the facets involved in this process, from your level of investment to who you include in your contract management network, and how you can efficiently manage them.