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Do you manage contracts, or do they manage you?
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Introducing Ready Buy

Helping you buy right, every time.

Tender, Evaluate, Award, and Manage. Nine modules, each designed to streamline your organisation’s procurement and contract management activities.

What is the new Open Windows Verified Supplier Network™ and why is it so powerful?

Open Windows’ modular procurement software is made up of these NINE modules:


A complete project management suite directly aligned with your contract management system.


Build strong working relationships with key suppliers using direct data entry by contractors.


Ensure 100% compliance within a contract orientated risk-management module including real-time audit trails.


Formulate a comprehensive team acquisition strategy that links business case, sourcing templates and performance management.


A real-time contracts register, searchable database & multi-tiered contract management facility.


Manage your project budgets, contract cash-flows and inevitable changes & variations in real-time.


eTendering fully integrated with your contract management approach using single data entry.


The flexibility to design a contract management process workflow that’s right for your business.


Integrate upstream Category Management with downstream Contract Management.

…plus two bonus modules, ‘REPORTING’ & ‘DOCUMENTS’

Streamline your procurement strategies, the Open Windows way

GetQuotes™ & QuickContract™

Designed for the end-user who doesn’t have time to mess around, GetQuotes™ and QuickContract™ provide a faster and easier way to complete your sourcing and contract management activities. Using these nifty features, you can get your quotes out to market before your morning coffee, and set up a new contract using only the bare essential information required. Kick off the source-to-contract lifecycle on the right foot – smooth, easy, successfully.

 Read more about GetQuotes™ here

Verified Supplier Network ™

Open Windows Verified Supplier Network ™ (VSN) provides end-to-end supplier visibility in the form of a centralised, digital database that verifies your suppliers against the ABR. In the event of any discrepancies, the VSN will swiftly notify you – this goes for new and existing suppliers. We know effective, transparent supply chain shouldn’t stop once you verify a new vendor, so we’ve taken the guesswork out of your supply chain decision making.

Read more about the VSN here

Do you manage contracts, or do they manage you?

Watch this short 2 minute video to learn how Open Windows can help you take control with contract management automation

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The 6 Myths of the Written Contract

Avoid expensive tendering costs by implementing Open Windows through a registered panel contract or whole-of-government arrangement

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Open Windows joins forces with leading procurement services company, Procurement Australia

Procurement Australia members can now reap the benefits of contract automation much faster and cheaper, by purchasing Open Windows Software through Procurement Australia’s National Contract 2406-0713. Read on to find how this development can benefit you.