Rone reaches into Hawthorn

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Words and featured image by Nicole Cullinan.

Just around the time things started to fall apart artist Tyrone Wright (Rone) received an email from Open Windows. It was an invitation to create a mural to be located on the southern side of the building above the carpark, a heritage listed site in Hawthorn.

Rone says the challenge was to find an image that suited this beautiful building full of windows with a clearly defined architectural narrative and nature. He wanted the mural to feel like it had always been there.

The owners of Open Windows were inspired to pursue Rone by the chairman of the board, Jeff Kennett, former Premier and Minister of the Arts. The company is now in its third decade and employs a young workforce for whom lifestyle and the arts are important. There exists a delightful synergy between that which is old and new, the bones of a building and the body of a company; that lives in the cloud.

Rone says the image staring back at us appears as though it has been sculpted from the building. This is achieved using a practice of glazing with many layers of paint and then finally a series of washes designed to build up texture. Open Windows captured this process with a film produced by Saga Creative, which you can view below.

The final result a gaze of pensive permanence as she looks into the future. Something a little different for Rone as a lot of his work is designed with a limited lifetime. There is a hope that this mural will endure. Rich with themes we have come to adore, the study of beauty, decay and vulnerability.

As we sink into a serendipitous summer the locals are placed in the perfect position to enjoy Rone at the recently opened outdoor pop up bar located at The Kilburn.

Enquiries: Tina Tsironis
Marketing Specialist – Open Windows Software
P: 9994 5405
E: [email protected]

Download the media kit here.


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