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Simplifying the Contract Management Puzzle

For any organisation juggling multiple supplier contracts, the need to take an agile, collaborative approach to contract management is crucial. Adopting software that suits a variety of purposes for a multitude of users, both within and beyond procurement and contract management teams, [...]

Why move to the cloud?

Author: Teresa Nagle All major software suppliers have now pretty much moved into the cloud. That is they are now service-providers rather than product-suppliers. A world of change. A world of difference. Yet, many software customers are still thinking through the pros and cons of cloud v [...]

What is it about Contract Management?

Author: Jonathan Dutton, FCIPS   As the former founding CEO of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply Australasia (CIPSA), Jonathan Dutton has a unique perspective on the world of procurement and contract management in this region. We sat down for a Q&A session with Jonathan [...]

The importance of smaller contracts

  Given the potential financial payoff from large projects and contracts, it’s easy to see how smaller contracts can get lost in the ‘company soup’. Yet according to Open Windows account manager, Tania Scott, failing to pay careful attention to smaller contracts can result in more costly [...]

Top 4 contracts risks and how to avoid them

Many organisations typically deal with hundreds of contracts a day: from the single paragraph that covers the charity chocolates in the tearoom to tomes drafted by lawyers with contingencies, milestones, deadlines, conditions precedent and subsequent, limits and rules, deliverables and [...]

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